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Early Cancer Detection Fundraising: How to Raise $400 in 5 Days

August 13, 2013

It’s six weeks until the Canary Challenge and you haven’t raised the $400 minimum.  You still have plenty of time but you have to get busy and start reaching out to your network.  Here’s an easy way to raise $400 in 5 days.  5 days!

four hundred

Day 1:  Donate $50 to yourself.                                                                               $50

Day 2:  Ask your housemate/spouse/partner to donate $50                           $100

Day 3:  Ask two relatives to donate $50 each                                                    $200

Day 4:  Ask two friends to donate $50 each                                                       $300

Day 5 (Backup)Ask two neighbors/colleagues for $50 each             Total: $400

Top fundraisers have found letter writing campaigns very successful.  Write a letter or email friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to let them know what you’re doing and ask them to donate to you.  Tell your story, why you are doing the Canary Challenge, where the money goes and why this is important to you.  Remember: always send a thank you note to your donors.

Another great way to solicit contributions is to use social media- post your Canary Challenge fundraising page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that your friends and family know you’re getting involved. So many people in this world have been affected by this tragic disease. You may be surprised at how many people contribute and help you spread the world, whether they’re close friends or distant acquaintances.

Below is an example of Canary Challenge rider Maria, whose friends have started reposting and soliciting contributions on her behalf. It’s equally important to thank those who donate or help spread the word on social media.

Best of luck, Canary Challenge riders! Don’t forget- we’re here to help. Tweet your fundraising pages at @CanaryFound or use the #CanaryChallenge hashtag, and we’ll help you spread the word as well.