Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment

$30,000 Goal

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Catch Cancer Early

Debbi Spungen, an enthusiastic Canary Champion

Debbi Spungen, an enthusiastic Canary Champion

Cancer spreads. We need to catch it early. Donate by August 30th.

“We originally found Canary Foundation online and wanted to support their efforts. Our parents had been diagnosed with cancer, my mother with ovarian. We have since lost both. It was clear that if we had early detection tools, their final years would have been better. Since that first gift we have become more involved and are firm believers in Canary’s mission to create accurate, safe, cost effective tools that will help save lives. Won’t you join us in helping raise $30k?”

Here are 6 reasons we are proud of being involved in Canary Foundation.

Canary’s research:

  1. Advances small innovative studies to trials in patients
  2. Focuses on innovative technologies such as enhanced ultrasound to accurately image cancer
  3. Forms collaborations with best-in-field researchers at M.D. Anderson, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UCSF and more
  4. Supports clinical trials that have gained FDA approval
  5. Leverages millions in government funding
  6. Fosters projects between academic research and industry partners

Let’s catch cancer early together!

Online is best. Click here for other options. Be sure to say it is for the “Catch Cancer Early Campaign” to be included in the total!