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Donor Privacy Policy

We Strive to Protect Your Privacy

Canary Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of its financial donors, in-kind donors, and supporters through all methods of donation. The name, contact information, and payment information of the donor will be respected whether the donation is made online, in mail, or by any other method.

We do not sell, trade, or share donor payment or personal information with any other entity. We also do not send mailings or emails on behalf of other organizations to our donors without explicit permission of the donor.

Any information processed through a third-party server will only be used for the purposes necessary for the transaction. Donors have the option to make any donation anonymous and will not have their information made public, on our website, or on a third party website.

Donors have the option to opt-out from any emails, mailings, or contact. For any questions email us:

(updated Oct 12, 2021)