Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment
Talent & Technology

Recruiting exceptional talent and driving innovative technology is the Canary way. Help us continue making both a priority by investing in our mission.

Bill Bowes, Founding Partner US Venture Partners, Former Co-Chair 

Canary honors the contributions of the late Bill Bowes in furthering our mission, and we appreciate his leadership from 2007-2016.

Tackling an urgent need such as early cancer detection is a bold intention, and it takes partnering with people who have the experience, imagination, and long-range vision to make it happen.

One of our greatest partners in creating the Canary Center at Stanford was William K. Bowes Jr., known as ‘Bill Bowes.’ Bill was a constant guide offering support in many areas including financial, business planning, and introductions to other partners. Since those early days, a state-of-art center has been opened in Stanford’s Technology and Innovation Park. We can’t thank Bill enough for helping us partner with Stanford to launch and develop the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection.

Don Listwin, Founder Canary Foundation, Co-Chair

Don was determined to launch a radical new assault on cancer. His target? The early cancer detection field.

With energy and passion, Don has approached the disease as a technology and market development problem waiting to be solved. He’s an engineer, an entrepreneur and a changemaker. And he thinks any problem can be fixed with the right amount of leadership, intellect and time. Read the Founder’s Story, and review our timeline of Milestones & Accomplishments to learn more.


Charles Beeler, Rally Ventures
Jenny Beeler
Reid Dennis, Founder Institutional Venture Partners
John Drew, General Partner Technology Crossover Ventures
Ellen Drew
Greg McAdoo, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Frank Quattrone, CEO, Qatalyst Group
and Denise Foderaro Quattrone

In 2006, long before the accuracy of PSA testing for prostate cancer was questioned along with issues of the over-treatment through radical procedure, Frank Quattrone and Denise Foderaro heard members of our Prostate Cancer Team talk about a fledgling idea.

The scientists had identified a major problem in prostate cancer diagnosis; that the majority of men with prostate cancer (the percentages increase greatly with age) will die ‘with’ prostate cancer instead of ‘from’ prostate cancer. The researchers believed that men were being over treated and set out to create a clinical trial called the Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Study, or PASS, to enroll men in a program who would opt to not get treatment unless their cancer began to grow. It is today a fully developed clinical trail. The program itself serves as one solution to the problem of over treatment, and the outcomes from the study have led to significant industry partners, helped us leverage government dollars, and created an important repository of samples. We thank Frank and Denise for their early support of a program now recognized as a cutting edge of solutions to prostate cancer.

Nicki Riedel, Partner at Dear Pixels and Black and White Designs
Hilary Valentine, former Chair of Board of Directors, Room to    Read