Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment
Talent & Technology

Recruiting exceptional talent and driving innovative technology is the Canary way. Help us continue making both a priority by investing in our mission.

Canary Approach

Discover. Invent. Collaborate. Innovate. Repeat.

This is the Canary approach, and it’s what makes it possible for us to maximize results in early cancer detection. Like a startup, we embrace investing early, failing forward, and continually pivoting to achieve success.

And where other foundations may have a single model for investment, we see our success as building a ‘self-sustaining platform’ that is enabling everything from world class research facilities to collaborations with academia and partnerships with industry to ongoing clinical programs, and successful spinouts of diagnostic companies. But our real success will be measured by the lives we ultimately save with breakthrough innovations in early cancer detection. The cancer fight—Canary is on it.

Review the Funding Strategy slide show to get a sense of how we approach innovation, and read more about our approach.

Funding Strategy

Funding New Ideas—New Ways of Thinking and Doing

We are all about the big idea in cancer research, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start small. Canary funds small, short-term discovery projects for new ideas and technologies.

The pilot data and other discoveries from these small projects give our scientists a competitive advantage in the government fund-raising process with grants from the National Institutes of Health, one of the world’s foremost medical research centers, and others.  And it’s working.

Review our Accomplishments & Milestones.

Breaking New Ground on University Collaborations

The Canary Center at Stanford was formed in 2009 with a $50-million, 10-year investment.

It is the model for future early cancer detection centers, and the first center in the world to integrate research in both in vivo and in vitro diagnostics to deliver these tests by housing state of the art core facilities and collaborative research programs in molecular imaging, proteomics, chemistry, and bioinformatics.

Spinning Out New Diagnostics Companies

As we spin out new diagnostic test companies, or medical device and imaging technology, we feel confident that the Canary funding platform and approach works. Commercial viability is the ultimate test. Canary-funded research is finding its way into commercialization.