Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment


Welcome to the Canary Blog: Starting the Conversation

December 12, 2011

As Executive Director, I’d like to welcome you to discover and explore the brand new Canary Foundation website and blog. Over the last few months, we’ve been rediscovering our values, finessing our messaging, and evaluating methods of communication with donors and with the public. Building a new site and blog from the ground up has been a new experience (to say the least), but we’re thrilled with the results and hope you are as well!

Accountability has always been at the top of our list of core values. It’s of the utmost importance for us to communicate how donations are allocated for research, in addition to keeping our audience abreast of Canary’s latest scientific progress. On this blog you’ll find both of the above, as well as trends in cancer early detection, foundation news, multimedia content, event updates, and more.

Our goal is to facilitate candid conversations around what’s going on here at Canary- how we’re blazing trails in cancer early detection, how our research impacts communities and individuals, and how you can help.  We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re 100% committed to meeting our goal of creating simple tests that will identify cancer at it’s earliest and most curable stage.  We invite you to develop a dialogue with us by commenting on our blog content, and through engagement on our social media channels.

Welcome again to the Canary blog- let’s get this conversation started!