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Early Cancer Detection Research at Canary Center New Horizon: Move to Porter Drive

August 24, 2012

Here at the Canary Center, we’re greatly looking forward to moving to the new Porter Drive facility in summer 2013. The necessity of growing the Canary Center has been in discussions for a long time— now that the move is on the horizon, Canary Center is preparing for the short-distance move to a new long-term home.

The new Porter Drive facilities are part of a Technology and Innovation Park. The technology park fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and a greater sense of community. What can you expect? More convenient transportation to and from the technology park, more centralized planning, campus-like amenities including a gym and cafeteria- in short, the kind of facilities that indicate a thriving work community. Above all, this new technology park will provide us with the opportunity to facilitate necessary growth for the Canary Center.

In terms of expanded space, the lab space will be doubled, and there will be a whole floor for Radiology Department labs. Furthermore, the Canary Center labs and offices will be more centralized, and so will the Proteomics Core. There will be more shared equipment space, and more opportunities to connect and collaborate.

What is most interesting about this process has been the opportunity to dream, and turn those dreams into reality. Since they were making significant renovations, we could ask questions like: if we had the ideal lab setup, what would it look like? It was a great method to design a building that really works. The end result will be a thriving facility with improved space and design, a broader sense of community, a feeling of openness and better traffic flow. An added bonus is that it can be used as a recruiting tool. Who wouldn’t want to work in a state-of-the art lab custom designed for your research needs?

In my opinion, this really is the dawn of a new chapter in Canary history!