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Donate for Cancer Early Detection: Canary Challenge AMEX Points

June 19, 2013

Do you or any of your friends or colleagues collect American Express points? These points may now be translated into gifts to your favorite nonprofit, including Canary Foundation and the Canary Challenge.

amexNow you can make a donation just by transferring your points! Canary Challenge cyclists are busy drumming up donations for the ride, and this is another creative solution to add to the list.

Canary Foundation has just joined Members Give through American Express. For Canary Challenge, a gift of 40,000 points will provide the $400 donation needed to participate in the Canary Challenge.

Once you’ve chosen a gift level (again, 40,000 points for $400; 100,000 points for $1000 and so forth), please go on your own Canary Challenge fundraising page to update your fundraising efforts with this noted as an “OFFLINE GIFT” so that you receive credit for the fundraising. The check will be mailed to Canary Challenge through AMEX and Guidestar.

This is an easy new way to make a donation to Canary Foundation. If you plan to donate to Canary Challenge for a particular team or participant, please note that and send us an email with details of your contribution so that it can reach the right person’s fundraising efforts.