Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment


Cancer Early Detection: A New Era of Research at Canary Center

July 17, 2013


Canary Foundation has moved to Stanford’s new Technology and Innovation Park (TnI Park) on Porter Drive in Palo Alto. The labs at Canary Center at Stanford are scheduled to move to the same location during late summer. These new facilities will continue to help push Canary research forward. With the move to Stanford’s Technology and Innovation Park, the labs will double in size. There will also be more equipment, including a new mass spectrometer to provide a molecular analysis of protein tissues and biological fluids from cancer tumors, helping to facilitate the detection of disease states.

Stanford University has continued to provide support to the Canary Center at Stanford by including the Canary Center in its new Technology and Innovation Park.  All the labs of the Canary Center will be united under one roof, allowing for more collaboration. It’s a more modern, architecturally speaking, then the previous home, in a tree-filled setting. Location wise, our neighbors are tech and biotech companies, both large and small.

This move is extremely significant for the Canary Foundation, marking an important moment in our history. Expansion is always a milestone because it indicates growth and opportunity. In the case of the new Canary Center, there’s an opportunity to push further collaborations between researchers, accelerating scientific progress.