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Canary Challenge Featured Rider: Julie Kaufman

August 25, 2014

By Canary Foundation Intern, Shannon Boselli

We at the Canary Foundation can describe Julie Kaufman in one word: dedication. In Julie’s first year at the Challenge she raised over $11,700 for early cancer detection. Julie is a breast cancer survivor who was luckily diagnosed early in a routine mammogram.

Julie Kaufman

Julie Kaufman

Julie’s husband Wally died in December 2012 of late stage pancreatic cancer. Wally had an upbeat attitude as well as a wonderful team of doctors and that allowed him to live 21 months after his diagnosis. After his death, Julie paired up with Wally’s interventional radiologist Dr. Rusty Hofmann, to co-captain Team X-Ray Ninjas. Julie works to recruit patients to the team while Rusty works to recruit his medical colleagues.

Julie transitioned to being a wardrobe consultant about nine years ago after spending ten-plus years focused on market research for medical companies. She also works at the chair of the board of TheatreWorks, a professional theatre on the Peninsula. In the upcoming Canary Challenge Julie will ride the 50-kilometer bike ride. She is not a fast rider, so having the support of her friends and teammates is very important to her success on the ride. After the ride, Julie enjoys relaxing in her team tent and drinking a cold beer available at the Challenge Beer Garden.

Because Julie is a champion fundraiser, we had to ask her about her techniques. She was one of our top fundraisers last year, and she expects to do the same again this year. Julie believes the most important part of fundraising is to ask as many people as possible to support you. If you ask 100 friends and family members to donate $20, you will find that they take pleasure and excitement out of helping you, and they won’t break their bank. Julie also puts fundraising for the Canary Challenge in the front and center of her thinking from now until the event. She knows that if she’s thinking about it, she will be talking about it wherever she goes.

JulieK2Julie pushes to fundraise because early cancer detection is close to her heart. She has been personally touched by cancer numerous times, and knows that early detection is the best way to beat cancer. Julie is expecting her first grandchild the week after the 2014 Canary Challenge. She wants her grandchild’s parents healthy and cancer free, and knows that the Canary Foundation can help her achieve that lofty goal.

Julie says, “If you’re inclined to support any of us riding in the Canary Challenge, please consider doubling the amount you had been thinking of giving. It will make the difference!” Thanks for all your great work Julie, see you soon!

You can donate to Julie’s cause here!