Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment


HealthTap – Get health + Give health

July 21, 2015

HealthTap-Logo-WhiteBg-Small72dpi1The Canary Foundation is absolutely thrilled to be a beneficiary featured in the Get health + Give health initiative, from local Palo Alto start-up, HealthTap.

HealthTap is the world’slargest, most trusted digital health hub providing 24/7 immediate access to personalized, high-quality information and virtual medical care from 71,000 U.S. doctors. “Get health + Give health” is HealthTap’s newest initiative, letting anyone who purchases a virtual consultation to select a charity to receive a virtual consult for free.

The HealthTap virtual consult is a window into clinical screenings that can provide a patient with preventative resources that were previously unattainable. Early detection and preventative care makes up the core of what we do, and HealthTap is providing a new outlet to further this objective. The fight against cancer is not a soloist’s battle. Our partnership and collaboration with HealthTap is an exciting honor that will propel our fundamental goals into the coming months ahead.

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