Stopping Cancer Early – The Best Possible Investment


Announcing – registration open!

March 2, 2019


Many of you know, Canary Foundation believes in collaborations, including partnerships we have fostered on a global level. So this is to announce that registration is open for this second annual conference, a next generation outgrowth of our science symposium, led by our partners. The location is Stanford University.

Looking back to 2005, Canary Foundation held the first symposium fully dedicated to cancer early detection. Long before the term became common. What did we want to achieve? Our goal was to catalyze the field and bring early detection to the foreground. Early detection saves lives! By 2017, we were attracting 200 scientists and experts.  Together, they ask important questions, have dynamic conversations and form innovative ideas.  Additionally, presenters offer information on promising projects.

In 2018, our international partners took on leading the conference. The Canary Center at Stanford, Cancer Research United Kingdom, and the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University together held their first in 2017. They also agreed to rotate locations. So this year, in 2019, the Canary Center will host the conference at Stanford University.

The Canary Center at Stanford represents a partnership between Canary Foundation and Stanford University. You may know, we celebrated the opening in 2009 as the first research center in the world, entirely dedicated to cancer early detection. Cancer Research United Kingdom is the largest independent funder of cancer research globally. The Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, is a leader in precision cancer medicine. To visit the conference site and register: Early Detection of Cancer Conference