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Power Through: Century Training Tips

June 27, 2012

Al Painter is the founder of INTEGRATE Performance Fitness, and a supporter of the Canary Foundation. In this interview, he provides riders tools and tips for succeeding in the Canary Challenge. Learn more and register at

Tell us about yourself and your training background.

I’ve been training folks for about 11 years, and I’ve been with INTEGRATE since January 2008. We do cycling-specific strength training, and we work with a ton of endurance athletes. We’re also very proud to have won the honor of “Top 5 Fitness Facility in the Bay Area” (#1 in the Peninsula) from

We love working with anybody who already rides a bike or wants to learn how. It’s a blast to teach the basic skills to ride a bike correctly, and see their fitness levels take off and go through the roof.

Why do you support the Canary Foundation?

I’ve had a couple of relatives close to me pass from cancer, and it’s something very close to me. I don’t know anyone that I’ve met who hasn’t been touched by it one way or another.

Another reason I like the Canary Foundation is because it’s local. Companies like Livestrong are already very well supported in terms of participation, so they don’t need as much help. I wanted to support something more local and grassroots where my support and participation could really have a visible impact.

Tell me a little about the Canary Challenge. What can riders expect? More »